Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-day Weapon

A lot has happened in my personal life recently....

Since Gurgaon is lot more 'happening' than Bombay (i hope u r getting the sarcasm and the fact that there has been a relocation to the 'up-north'!! UPDATE 1), my Ggn wish list includes- restaurants, cafes, hotels and road-side vendors!!! (i am too scared to venture out to other places late night..just not comfortable yet)

But the good part is...i've got company to fulfill the wish list... and the name is P. P is my guinea pig, food critic, restaurant reviewer, chauffer, body guard, friend and husband (yea..thats the UPDATE 2 ! and i still havent come to terms with it).

Yesterday was the first February14th after our marriage (damn! it still hasnt sunk in) like every good wife (&^%$^) , i finished my work for the day early, took permission from the senior to leave early and hit the gym! While i was being made to do 50 squats (the new gym is an all together different story), i thought i shud make something special today...voila..why not a chocolate cake!! (at that moment i lost balance and rod on my head was abt to hit my co-gymmie's head....!)

So i bought the ingredients, rushed home, checked how much time P will take to reach home and opened the recipe...

2 tablespoon flour...1 tablespoon cocoa...1 tablespoon baking powder...wait wait..1/8th teaspoon...egg...oil...why is this batter resembling atta kneaded for roti...may be it will make my cake so dense and moist...why cant i pour the batter....dense and moist...yumm...plop in the oven...ooh look the cake its rising above the cup....P will be sooo impressed...(i can ask him for that designer handbag...)...out of the oven looks like this...

This cake is dense for sure...moist??..let me insert a fork and see...fork is stuck!!!..lemme cut the cake..knife cannot cut through the cake...!!!! WHAT THE HELL*##%$%!!!

P them made his grand entrance!!! (the V-day surprise flopped and the designer handbag is now officially a distant dream!!!)

We then ate the store bought mother dairy vanilla ice-cream.... :-|

But this cake is not completely useless...the cake can be used as a weapon to protect yourself from those anti-V-Day protestors...its a Choco-Grenade... afterall its quite DENSE!!!!


Anphy said...

I am reminded of the Anchor White TV ad :-)
It does look really good.
Nice to see a post after so long :-)
Keep posting more :-)

anN-series said...

thats exactly what happened... :(

d_grail said... least you made an effort and that deserves a non designer bag in the least...

We have already becoem so jaded that we had baigan ka bharta cooked by our lifesaver aka maid and plopped to snore away the night!

anN-series said...


I have a cook who does the regular everyday cooking and lets me snore during the morning...i jus like doing the fancy stuff! :)

and the negotiation for the bag is still going on!!... :P