Saturday, April 04, 2009

Change is the only constant

The title aptly applies to my family. Over the years, with Dad's transferable job, we have moving lock stock and barrel every 2-5 years. Despite going through the same emotions everytime, the feeling is not nice when your home can be packed into a truck in 12 hours flat!

This time it is different. It may be the last move for Dad and Mum as he is retiring (unless i am rich enof to afford a home for them near mine or afford a home big enof to trouble them into living with me!). And i will not be moving.

Everything around me is changing- each day something 0r the other go... today the car is sold off, i will be forced out of home tomm, old books & papers will be sold off day after, the packers will be coming home to assess the furniture..blah blah blah...

Coming days will be exciting, trying and depressing too...and till such time i will be back to stress eating (i noticed i am gobbling up 2 sev puris a day and i jus cannot control my appetite)

(i shall patiently respond to all the comments once the brain is free. At present i have left it at home to do logistics for my shifting)