Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rickshaw ride....

Delhi is known to be one place where the past and present are closely linked wid each other, so much so that every dilapidated building has a history. Mum and urs truly jus need an excuse to go and explore a new place. so today we decided to head to sadar bazzar thru an unexplored route. for the uninitiated, sadar is delhi's age old wholesale market, with each 'gali' specialising in a particular product, along wid scary looking ppl, pollution, animals which add to the fun. and y do we head there...well to eat chole bhature and great discounts!!!

so at 40 C, 1.30 pm ventured out. hopped into the metro. got down at 'new delhi'. went by my 'gut' feeling. took the wrong turn. landed up in 'kamla market' (back in first yr of college i was told that Kamla market is near GB Road-one of delhis biggest red light areas). fought wid the rickshaw pullers to take us by the road we knew, none agreed. then bargained wid the rickshaw pullers abt the price. finally we are seated on a royal rickshaw, as it has no roof we cover our heads wid scarves.

the ride begins, and um looking at the 'new' street. the new street is better as there us lesser traffic. mebbe because of its afternoon. strangely there are very few women on this route. and the few women who are present on the street are passing contemptuous looks. thats strange. havent they seen women travel alone on this road.

soon the suspence ends...closer scrutiny of the address of the area reveals that mum and urs truly are on GB ROAD!!!!!!!! and we are two women wid our lovely (ahem) faces covered wid scarves!!!need i say more....

(oh ya the exploration trips have been stalled for sometime now)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smart Girl

'Just wat have u done to ur hair....kid are u alright'!!!! thus screamed mother.

"nindey mudi (ur hair)...this costed u a grand!!!!"- dad joined in wid that disapproving look.

few weeks back.....

mum plz let me get it done..plz plz plz...look at my hair, when i tie it up it looks like ageing horses tail (no more the perky 'pony'tail)

but do u think it worth all the chemicals, u r not a kid now, u know we have to go to kerala this year...

mum plz plz plz......

go and ask dad

"dad i wanna do something to my hair, u wont understand wat it is. but its gonna cost"(sheepish grin)

how much

'one grand'

"ONE GRAND!!!!' (muscles tense, eyes turn red..thankfully breathing returns to normal)...listen u r a responsible girl...i hope u know wat u r doing." (that means i wont buy u a wig if burn all ur hair)

and wat did responsible girl do???...she underwent 'permanent waving' (perm for the uninitiated)....hey then y this reaction- preity zinta, meg ryan, nicole kidman, even oprah looked good....because some ppl also end up looking like this.
no i didnt grow a mush tho thankfully!!!

(i didnt bother much abt the formatting..i have hair to take care of)