Friday, August 22, 2008

Annie McBeal Vol II.

I hit myself hard on the back of my head for not paying any attention to this littal space of mine. I have lots to tell...from 'jurisdictional' adventures in Europe to domestic mishaps at home. But for now i am back to my Ann McBeal avtaar- the lawyer lost in a corporate firm, sitting among men speaking in corporate jargons (i am the only other female lawyer in the place :~O, the other feminine touch is a senior with truckloads of knowledge and experience). The expectations from me are high because of the 9 month vacation i had in london and at a personal level- a huge challenge to prove my once again i take the liberty to ignore this space till i get some spare time (backslap myself again!).

PS I cannot say 'miss me' because i presume by now u have all 'forgotten' me!!