Thursday, June 09, 2011


With food, i have the habit of making things sound more fancy than it actually is (especially when i am cooking it and nobody can see what i cooked! :~P ). I blame it on my recent TV viewing.

I watch TopChef, Hells Kitchen, MasterChef- Australia, India, USA, UK, Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson with thorough dedication. The pan fried seabass with potato pate or the lambchops with salad of grilled garden vegetables or the baked bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream inspire me. I then head to my humble kitchen and think creative and inevitably end up making different versions (purely by accident) of the same thing: Slow cooked thick creamy oats (aka porridge)..some days its just Slow Cooked Oats (when i add extra water and it gets all runny) or Burnt Creamy Oats (when i forget to pour the water/milk in time!!) or Burnt AND Runny Oats...but still when i tell people that i had  Slow cooked thick creamy oats ppl think that i had breakfast at a five star hotel :~D

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But the other day this is what happend:

Me (feeling exuberant that my science project in the kitchent was successful)- Guess my sandwich was highly appreciated by my colleagues in office..

Boy- Oh that is very good what did u make?

Me (trying to sound like the winner of Master Chef UK)- I made brown bread sandwich with chicken in marinara sauce and alfa alfa sprouts.

Boy- What??...Kaunsa sandwich?

Me (losing patience but still trying to remain calm)- Its a sandwich  and the filling was chicken in marinara sauce and alfa alfa sprouts....!!

Boy- How is this food? (!?!!)

Me (loses cool and all sense of sophistication in accent)- Maine salaaad banaya tha...with left over chicken and vegetables and sprouts in the redwala pasta sauce. Then  i put it between 2 slices of bread which is brown in color!!!!

Boy- call it a Chicken sandwich...what is with all the marina..alpha centre sprouts!!!

I learnt my lesson.

Dedicated to all out there who know the humble Idli as steamed rice and lentil dumplings served with spicy lentil soup and a dollop of coconut chutney flavored with mint :~p

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