Saturday, December 15, 2007

Unique-ly yours!!

(yay! my first tag)..listening to Blue Danube Waltz celebrating the end of my first term....

Tagged by agent Egg Bonda (because of whom i hv watched Sound of Music 4 times in the past 2 weeks), i am expected to disclose unique things i possess.

i dont possess anything unique as Chech. (but i shall steal some of them this Xmas and make my room unique) But I think the sentimental value associated with some of them is wat makes them 'unique'..atleast to me.

5 Unique Things Found in My Room

1) A rosary which i picked up from the one and only retreat centre (in and around Trichur) i visited in my life.
2) An old dupatta of Mum's which she gave me to use as a rag(!!!). But it is not yet used as rag..guess i am getting emotionally attached to it.
3) 3 different plastic bags for 1) biodegradable waste, 2) glass and plastics, 3) paper [environment friendly Ann :~) ]
4) Brochures and pamphlets which are invitation to college parties, tube farelist, day trips out of london, tabloids containing lousy gossip which i use as coasters and tablemats.
5) A tastelessly done collage containing pics of my close friends and family. (also revealing the gradual increase in my weight over the years)

5 Unique Things Found in My Wallet

1) My college Id card which entitles me to highly important things like discount at Subway & other eateries, tube etc. and entry to half the buildings in college.
2) Some Austrailan 'chillar' (change) which i have been carrying with me ever since my eventful trip to Melbourne 2 yrs ago.
3) A very old visiting card of Dad's in the hope that his presence will forever be on my wallet (okay at least till next year)
4) Rs. 130 given by Dad at the airport just in case i wanted to get anything at the airport.
5) A note from sis wishing me 'Good luck in London' which came in the pocket of my 'life-saving-in-winter' jacket that she sent me.

5 Unique Things Found in My Bag

1) A copy of 'London A to Z' (which i never consult to navigate my way through this city as I have always managed to get lost with it) and college map (why have classrooms in various nearby buildings too)
2) A windcheater. It rains anytime and everytime here or at least wenever i am in the 'exploring' mood.
3) Black ink pen and passport size fotos. Thanx to the englishmen's fixation for 'black ink pen' for completing practically every form. The foto is back up option as many a times i was made to queue up again because i didnt have a foto!
4) The 17 yr old watch which was actually gifted to my sister wen she was 10. I upsurped it & wore that to all my exams. Its like a goodluck charm. However now only the dial is left. NO strap, no battery.
5) My room key which works on some weird technology that most of the time either i am locked out or everyone expect me can open the door.

So thats wat is 'un-uniquely unique' abt me...


mathew said...

i think its as unique as your 'eljo chech' post..

and regarding sound of music i must say it is one movie which can cheer you up..always a good watch when you are down..

and I liked the 'good luck in london' jacket..that was awesome...i wish my bro gave me a car or somethin like that..with a chit sayin..'drive carefully' or something.. ;-P

thanks for doin the tag..

anN-series said...

@ mathew

the pleasure was all mine. and its the duty of the ELDER siblings to get nice things for the younger ones. one of the privileges of being the younger ones.

eljo said...

@ M: u won't believe gal, one more thing to our similar lists.I also have mom's dupatta which was given as a rag but not used. I wanted to put it on the unique list then decided against it as i felt it was too personal :-)

anN-series said...

amma likes me more...she gave me 2 :~P