Thursday, February 15, 2007

V-day is here again!!!

Y day I celebrated my 23rd 'single' valentines day. Actually all my V days have been 'single v days' coz I don't believe in being committed for the sake of being committed (read a passive and lazy person who hopes for a marriage broker to do the needful!). but V days have always been eventful. On one of my V days I got to know that the guy who I had a huge crush on was interested in my best friend!!! (Ouch!)

In my first v day in college I got a whole bar of chocolate from a nice friend (tho I was one of his many friends who got it- but its chocolate who cares, I jus want the whole bar to myself!!!!) and that was my one and only v day gift till date. The second V day in college, there was a huge fight among the guys (for as usual a trivial reason). Third valentine had all my friends pack ourselves to CP and watch other couples. V 4 girlfriends nearly created a rift between a couple as when his girlfriend was busy trying some outfit, the boyfriend was more interested in talking to us. Finally he left the store and she didn't buy anything. 4 th valentine in college, our results were out!!! That is my college's method of playing the moral police - release the result and dampen the sprits of most of the students. 5th valentine in college (that is yesterday) was ruined by my dads foul mood (over the ever increasing phone bill I think), thereby making my mums efforts a complete waste of time.

As for me neither do i have to do anything, neither do i feel good or bad abt wat i did... Um so happy being single on valentine…..


maneesh said...

so ur single only during valentines kya..

d_grail said...

thou bloggeth 2 :)

Rainman said...

@Ann : You don't have to be "committed" to enjoy V day, all you need is a random date ;-) Anyway, my V day was pretty uneventful too, I sat at home and finished an assignment.

Mark IV said...

its not bein single on v day thts as much a big deal... as bein single for de remainin 364.25 days!!

ud know de pain when they charge double for stags in pubs here... y? cos we don ve a gal to get drunk n puke over us!!:((