Thursday, February 01, 2007

i am biologically a female, but somewhere i wasnt blessed with that touch of feminity. i am at times jealous of those girls who can carry off anything pink and look girly and cute. my attempts at wearing pink made look like well um trying not to remember.
back when i was a kid, my folks got me a pair of shorts. i was so relieved that i no longer needed to be bothered by the breeze the next time it came, that i banned skirts and every other lowers-without-a-seat at bay. little did i know that i bade my feminity also goodbye. once ppl asked my father 'the kid' (urs truly) was a boy or a girl, as they had a bet on my gender!!!
after realisation dawned on me, every year i think that i need an extreme makeover and add that feminine touch to my personality and every year has me heading to a cosmetic store to get myself some of the following-a chocolate shower gel, a sunscreen with really high SPF, a lip balm with an exotic flavor, a face scrub, a BIG bottle of moisturising lotion blah blah.. then begin the attempts to grow my nails, leave my hair open, wear salwar kameez with open sandals.
a week later- the ants sensed the presence of "chocolate" lying in the corner of the bathroom, some tasted it and died. the sunscreen now adorns a dusty basket in my room. the fruity lip balm gives me a headache. the face scrub is getting dry. moisturising lotion is awaiting winter, when my mum will use it. my right eye has a red spot as my 'long' nail poked it accidently. my hair is cut short. my feet is black with delhi's dust. and i have a pile of kurtas and pyajamas to iron!!!
feminity anyone??


Mark IV said...

well... from the lil i do know, im surprised u even tried!!!

pls ann- pink/mushy-mushy/cutie types IS JUST NOT U!!! imagine sayin CHOO CHWEEEET (like sum1 we both know) n am sure ull end up disgustin urself!

monu said...

lol choclate flavoured one :))

avarice said...

some how...for known and conscious reasons....every word of this blog is like ECHO for me....

Except i chose vanilla flavoured lotion... ;-)