Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"khaney mein kya laya hai varun?"

"tera favourite, gobhi"

"jo doosron ke liye gaddha khodta hai, woh usmein khud gir jaata hai"

"pata hai mayo mein na...."

"namrata ghar se 'sussie' ke laddoo layi hai"

"mujhe kaalu bhula rahi hai, woh badla lega!!!!"

"toom log kya kar rahey ho...main bhi karrrooonga!!"

"...(silence).....ke baat se chori.....(eternal silence)......"

Why do these thoughts keep coming back and haunt me? I saw this coming, one day we all had to part ways. But i never thought it would affect me as i have been shifting base most of my life.....Mebbe because in the past 4 1/2 years they had a powerful impact on me, the most powerful till date. They are addictive and now its the withdrawal symptoms.

....vidhi, varun, neha, akshat, dhannu, addy, vipin.....pyaas ke paranthe, 'kal-raat-ki-subzi' ke paranthe, bhaigan ka bharta....the red brick wall, the endless chit-chat in class, futile plans to go to assam, karnal kahaanis, jamunapaari jokes, fash p, rakesh sirs class, last minute moot submissions, varuns lunch, gluttony at my place (leading to depleting stocks of the months provision), mayo.......


Richblogger said...

Hi Ann can you please come visit my blog.I think you will be intrested in what the blog is about and please leave a comment after readind.Cheers

Rainman said...

@Ann : Ahhh.....nostalgic memories.....cherish them, and enjoy them while you can :-)

Mark IV said...

NO 2001... NO VIKKI... ok but not even mich or prabha (i love instigating violence don i!!)

id damn u to hell if u hadn't booked a seat there already n if i weren't as much damned myself!!!

dhanashree deka said...

hey goin thru ur blog, i recalld n cherished memoirs which i had long forgotten :)
hhmmm nostalgia!

trojanvn said...

Got so much to say...but dnt know how ...no words to describe how much i miss those dayz..n esply this dame..had some of the best (n funniest) moment with her by my side...n now i will miss her evn more wnevr im gonna have her fav "Gobhi"... :P

Miss U A LOT Grl...

Anonymous said...

now that I have finally recalled my passowrd for the g-mail account...this is the first thing I shud b doing!!
ann ....really speaking, u v brought back our good old coll days to life!! will definately miss u when u r not in Delhi-- the city u dont like much-- though I hope it has given u some of the most memorable moments of ur life! good luck for the future....!

anN-series said...

@ brat
i am trying!!!

@ mark iv
no vikki....no mich no prabha...another post for ppl below the vindhyas

@ dhannu, varun vidhi
thankoo guys for givning me these memories

i may not like del much..but i love u guys a lot...will miss u all..infact i hv already started