Thursday, June 05, 2008


Just when i finish my first exam i turned PINGGKK.....
and i get a tag!!!..YAYYY!!! Thank u boy!
(okie so i also watched Sex and the City-movie cause everyone went on and on abt it and all i found was 4 women sitting around food[although all of them are in perfect shape!!] talking abt sex or lack of it!!! Sigh-for all that media hype!)

The "rules":
Link the person(s) who tagged you- Brrrraaaattt!!!
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Mention 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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1) I need to wash my feet before i sleep and my feet have to be WET when i get into bed!!...(this practice is avoided in Delhi winters where houses do not have radiators)

2) I am over-superstitious during my exams (i guess all of us to an extent are)- this expecially includes not bathing for 48 hours before the exam (i feel i will wash away the crammed up knowledge) and not going to a parlour/saloon for normal clean-ups (in maletalk-thats equivalent to not shaving the entire exam period starting from study holidays) ending up in people seeing only eyebrows on my face on the last day.

3) I need go through my notes atleast 3 times before i head for the exams (otherwise i feel terribly underconfident till i see the question paper) and i am competitve and i am seriously trying to control this.

4) I apply ghee on my hair..yes yes ghee!!..(and it actually works!! although i smell like Sree Krishna Mysore Pak till it is washed)

5) I am an 'extremes' person, if i like a song i will listen it on loop till i delete that song from the computer, if i like something i will eat it till i cant bear to look at it again and the nice flavours will soon be 'odours' :~$

6) I always need to have something to look forward to- some experiment, some randon trip This motivates me (yes i am incentive driven)..current idea is to see the seven wonders of the world over a span of few years (ofcourse) especially Christ the Redeemer (but i know that will have to wait for a loong loong time)

I have no one to tag as all my blog-neighbours have already been tagged :~(

eeh...did i mention that i am impulsive and just recently picked up the scissors and cut my hair just like my sister (i had to get some leftover curly bits). its not that bad..i think i have to apply to toni n guy...hmmmm.....


Rainman said...

You don't shower 48 hrs before an exam? OMG! ;-)

P.S. I hope the exams went well! :-)

mathew said...

I need sunglasses to read this blog!!Seriously I was used to the black template! :-D

'Christ the Redeemer ' is one of my dream places to visit as well..

I am over-superstitious during my exams ..ha..for me i am over confident that I can pass asn exam through sheer bluff and bluff mechanism.

nice to see you writing again..

anN-series said...

thanx bud.. paper was okay...i will give u my real opinion after i get my results. and yes 48 hrs..weird/unhygenic..but wat to dooo..

more than Redeemer i was interested in the carnival, but i cant tell naattukaaru i am going to the brazillian beach side! and i am still trying to curb my temptation to blog..

Dhanya said...

Reading the second point even my first reaction was that of Brat.. :)
Fourth point was also equally shocking.. Was that teh reason why you had to cut your hair ;)

anN-series said...

48 hrs before exams means not taking bath on the previous day of your exam, that my mother doesnt exams are more important,i cant compromise on my superstitions :~D

and the ghee treatment gives me saloon-like conditioning ,i cudnt believe it considering my hair reacts negatively to conditioners! cutting my hair was because i didnt like the curly ends of my hair..

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol! I thought I'd visited the wrong blog when I saw all thy glorious pinkness :D

WOman! No bathing for 48 hours??? Rotfl!! I get your strategy now. The real one I mean. It's to get the other students comatose from the resultant 'oror' isn't it? heh heh heh!!!

Same pinch for #1(uncanny, no?) 5 and 6! :D Have to try the ghee idea though ;)

P.S. I have this 'thing' for chopping off my hair for the weirdest reasons. But have never attempted a hair-suicide. Only homicides :D But I'm sorely tempted now. Esp since the lady I go to usually has developed a morbid fascination to share the ..err.. details of her 'night-life' with me.. and that's SO not happening. EWCK! Eewwwwwwwwck!

stuti said...

:D I gotta try the ghee fanda :P

d_grail said...

neon pink?oink!oink!
anyways great to have u bac after exam marathon..
btw the songs from an upcoming movie featuring aamir khans nephew (the cute BOY :( )
and why does ur blog allow commenting only with blogger account...not fair! i have moved

Aiswarya said...

Pink!!! yaaay.. Thats how we define our rules and rights in the female world!!!

Btw what does Ghee do to your hair? Make it soft? will it stop my hair fallin?!!!

Hammy said...

I apply ghee on my hair..yes yes ghee!!..(and it actually works!! although i smell like Sree Krishna Mysore Pak till it is washed)

First of all, congrats. It works. So yay.

But more importantly... what do you mean by 'it works'? Is there some ulterior goal/ objective to this?

Is it just a replacement for hair oil? And by 'it works', you mean your hair stays in place without slight breezes putting it out of shape?

OR... do you use it to get some special benefits, like... I don't know... making your hair stay stiff enough to act as a shield from hurricanes...?

What do YOU mean by 'it works'?

P.S. You broke the rule. I understand you were supposed to write about six 'unspectacular' quirks. Tut tut tut

mirage said...

hello ann, nice meeting you here.
Good that the first post u read in a
blog happens to be a tag,no?U find out more about a person:)

see u again

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

How did the guys sitting next to you at the exam hall fare??? :O

Macadamia The Nut said...

Knock knock

Mark IV said...

!!! ennatha solle!!!


Mark IV said...

and change my link to wordpress NOW


mathew said...

You are tagged!!.

anN-series said...

@ Mac
just for a change girl..

dont blame me if it doesnt work

i havent chosen any such options..pata nahi aisa kyun ho raha hai

@ ash
ghee jus makes my hair look neat and not fly arounf like it normally does

i thot these were unspectacular

yes tags do that!

quite well :~P

will do so

AGAIN!! i will no longer remain a mystery