Saturday, May 10, 2008

To market to market....

Okay yeah i know i have my exams..and this is not my big bang comeback post...but today i am celebrating cause i just wrote a
mock exam and felt good that i could do it. With the exam adrenaline rush, i got into one of my infamous 'adventure' moods
and just left college and headed for Borough Market why because there lived the one character i identify the most in my life- Bridget Jones!!! The place is fiercely expensive (because they are Orrrragahnic!!! or award-winning!!... But me still loves the place...)

Things go fine till i explore the place...
(Ann's thoughts- Aah i can buy these cherries..What the hell i jus paid 2 pounds on 10 '0'
cherries...sigh!..wat can i get for Mum- balsamic wont like it- when she
hears the cost!!)

It is lunch time and ....then my adventurous evil twin takes over....
On the lunch menu today is Ostrich Burger and Brazillian Wheatgrass Juice....
(Ann's thoughts- "Wheat grass shot is a equal to a weeks' greens!!!...Wow i jus ate an aint fact its actually good....hmm now i jus need to lose 10 kgs to ride on one...")

[Note- me knows me need a manicure..that too a french one, will get tat done soon!! Chech are u listening..err.reading!!]

Post lunch back in my room...
Ann's thoughts- (Aaaarrggg!!!..if only i could puke out this is making me so SICK!!!....[flush]...aaah watte relief!!! i HATE ostrich!!!)

PS- But i did get my mum the 'finest vanilla pod' from Madagascar to think of all the vanilla ice-creams i am gonna eat:~P


Macadamia The Nut said...

Ah hah! Looks like someone's been having a little fling with herself. :D Cuuuute pics! And you really ate an Ostrich? :O :O And wheat grass shot to wash it down? Ewwwwck! Adventurous is a mild term for thy twin babe. :D
*runs off to find a sinfully rich, unhealthy glass of chocolate creme milkshake*

Alex Mcone said...

Ostrich ?

Whoa ... I've eaten a lot of freaky things in my life but by Loki, ths takes the cake !

mathew said...

you know what i bought the same flowers which you have put in that snap..donno the name though and it cost 5 euro for one pot...well its a first for me to buy flowers..just part of home decoration startegy for parents visiting soon..;-P

and i would say..himalayan blunder with the juice..doesnt the color ..say itself.."I am puke material"..hehhehe..

d_grail said...

ostrich!!!! ewwwwwwwwwww

why why why?

stuti said...

Di...!!!!!!! Ostrich ??? :~/

And that juice !!! :~/

Adventure ??? *Sigh*

anN-series said...

ostrich isnt that tastes like beef! in hidsight- i guess i will eat ostrich again if cooked 'well done'

now um so distracted..hv to get myself to study mode again! my adventure stds are really low compared to some of my friends.

hey list out some freaky things u hv eaten, it will gv me ideas. btw next on plan is the harmless shushi

is it because it is 'green' and vegetarian that u think the juice is barf material? i liked that did taste good. i think it was eating everything together tht made me sick. and now we know that flower pots across europe costs the same- 2 pounds nearly 5 euros! good luck with folks home..

we live only once..

woh burger aur drink itna bhi bura nahi tha..its jus that the 2 dont go together. hope u r doing good girlie!

Aiswarya said...

What a nutcase. Next time, try Kangaroo, its a bit like beef, nice.. The patcha juice, I would have second thoughts on that!! We should meet up; you seem very adventures like me!! :D

Macadamia The Nut said...

You've just been 'awarded' ;)

Rainman said...

Ann, yet another tag awaits you! Visit the blog where it rains perennially! :-)