Saturday, June 02, 2007

Walled City to Maximum City

2 months in Bombay and my good self can see the difference between saddi dilli and amchi mumbai. here are a few.....

1) first and foremost- I don’t think I am short anymore! (the delhi crowd gave me a complex!)

2) fat aunties with low neck crepe suits and fatter uncles yapping in punjabi have given way to fit dada and dadis jabbering in marathi

3) neon colored polythene lifafas have been replaced by psychedelic prints-wali thaili

4) sweaters have given way umbrellas and rain coats

5) no more papdi chat, dahi bhalley, chole bhature, jus vada pav, pav bhaji, pav samosa, pav this, pav that

6) bbye golgappe, hello pani puri :~(

7) no more lecherous looking uncles, infact hardly any leching these days and a man to woman conversation happens eye to eye (thank god)

8) um still trying to find a woman who wears make up, as contrasted to the quintessential delhi woman with all the make up on her face 24/7

9) sleek metro is no longer a luxury, only ur local Mumbai local

10) we have gateway of India instead of India Gate

11) green colored CNG buses replaced by red colored BEST buses with all directions written in marathi except ‘Purchase your ticket’

11) no more nosey neighbors or prying public, only the bindaas bombayite, who can be very impersonal at times

12) paneer has been elevated to the status of “Chef’s Special” and so has its cost(!!)

13) I no longer begin my day hearing MC, BC and its cousins

14) I am learning to value time

15) I am enjoying the sense of independence that Mumbai has given me!!!!


Esha Pruthi said...

Hmm Id still go and camp in delhi ...after all Delhi is Saadi Dilli!! And how can one love the concrete jungle out there ..with seedy bylanes ..I love Delhi for its food , wide roads , its warmth .., the 6 seasons , the parliament house ...and yes the supreme court as well! Punjabi men rock and so do punjabi kuddis! Spoken as a Pure Delhite ! Living in Singapore for more than one year ..I Still miss Delhi! Dilli dil se door nahin :)

trojanvn said...

compltly trueeeeee....Punjabi boyz rule..punjabi grls r best...dont gt J annieee...muahhh :P

punjabi (chakna chakna) boy

Unknown said...

Jus came across this blog and was itching to reply even though I dont know you.
Well its just been 2 months stay for you and true...most observations made by you are correct.
But bear in mind its not that mumbai comprises non-indians, or that mumbai police is so damn efficient that lecherous men would pee in their pants at the sight of a cop.
People from all over India migrate to Mumbai in search of a better earning potential; remarkable filtering how they keep lecherous men at bay!!!!!!!! :)
Believe me therz a huge punjabi community in Mumbai...that's in the same business or trade as in Delhi.
My reasoning for Mumbai vs Delhi is that New Delhi being the center of power tends to rub into the psyche of the commoners too.
You must've observed any one who gets cought up in a road rage or common fights tend to show off their contact book of the who's who of the city.
Mumbai is more expensive than Delhi. While Mumbai developed vertically Delhi has been sprawling horizontally, and there are more open spaces, broader roads, bigger houses to be seen in Delhi than Mumbai - generally better infrstructure.
Point I'm making is people in Mumbai are caught up far greater in their quest for better living by working long, partying harder all in the limited time available to them, and perhaps searching for solitude and space in whatever time remains. Hence no time for being misbehaved people. Dilliwallahs on the other hand have plenty of time and space for whatever little or lots they earn. As a matter of fact per capita income is one of the highest in Delhi.
Mumbaikars are thus circumstantially well behaved citizens of the state and country. Period.

Unknown said...
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