Monday, July 08, 2013

'Picture' this... Da Thadiya

I watch MOVIES...P watches CINEMA...
because I can watch a movie of any genre...from Dabangg rated (hope i got the spelling correct) to Oscar nominated...while P believes he watches quality cinema...although he can quote dialogues from Mitunda classics like Gunda, Boxer and the like!

I love this movie: DA THADIYA!

Love (or in this case "luwe"):

~ This movie is so relevant in current times, that i wish it is remade in other languages (while remaining true to its spirit)! 

~ This movie will lower profits for ayurvedic and other weight loss clinics this year.

~ I constantly worry about the last 2 kilos to shed but after this movie I give a ' : ~P ' to that weighing scale.... i am like this wonly!

~ The protagonist and his side kick....Thadiyan and Shadddy (NOT to be pronounced as 'shadey') so REAL!

~ Netto bungalow and Fort Kochi...whats there to not LOVE

~ Last but not the least... My new anthem


~ Could have prevented Thadiyan from wearing 'khadar' all the time after he joins the party...okay i am just nitpicking! 

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