Monday, February 04, 2013

Turning Three O!!

Wake up by 7 (a.m. that is)
Lose 7 kilos by nov 2013
Follow discipline
Eat healthy and reduce the carbs
Hit the gym atleast 5 days a week
Attack procrastination
Read more in quantity and quality 
Improve photography
Process more photos
Learn a new language and photo editing software and may be a sport
Cook healthy and frequently

Another set of new year resolutions....NO. In about 10 months i will be (*drum rollsss)....30....denial, angst, worry....not really...because everyone will turn 30!!!!...muhahahahaaaaaaa. and these days people look better in their 30s than they did in their 20s (thanks to botox and surgery :) ). 

There is no way i can stop the clock or reverse it. Even if i could do either of the above, i will not avail the offer. But if there is an option of being better than i was in my 20s....that is something i would like to do. And i do have the option of being better than i was in my i hope to adhere to my resolutions. 

Have a nice day....