Monday, December 15, 2008

Izz est arrivé

Baby Iz arrived today...
meaning my 'baby'-status at home has been snatched away from me...but Iz is someone for whom i was always ready to give up the status..

So presenting the new kid on the block....Ms Isabelle Jose (a.k.a Izzy/ Iz)......she sure seems like someone who is going to break the hearts of many young worthy men!!

PS: Iz and Eljo are doing good. thank u all of you for praying for them


mathew said...

party time..

Dhanya said...

Congrats aunty :)
Treat treat..

stuti said...

Wow.. !! Isabelle :)..
Congrats Ann Massi :)

Bullshee said...

congrats auntyji!

Cool name for the kid!