Monday, February 25, 2008

On a nice August afternoon 3 years ago….

“ he is a CA very good…Christian…Roman Catholic..oh even where is he working…oh IT company..hmmmm….not bad…ooh yes yes we know their relatives..very good people….but wait they are from from…WHAT!!...HE IS FROM KOTTAYAM!!!”

……..engaged tone……………

That was how the Big J entered our lives. A father’s second worst fear was coming true when he heard about a marriage proposal for his daughter from the Kottayam side* (the first being marrying a non mallu and/or non roman catholic). So much was Dad’s shock that he didn’t bother to ask the groom’s name or enquire about his family in that call!!! It has been over three years since u entered our lives ‘by law’ and have changed my sister’s and my sense of humour for the worse. Winning the hearts of all the ammachis with your ‘stuti kudukal’**, all the uncles by thrusting a drink in their hand and all the aunties by giving them compliments. And today I am using the ‘power of the internet’ to wish on your birthday cause next year u r officially going to be in ‘old’ men’s league!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Chettan….

Thank you*** for all the sensible advise on life and relations, all the Amsterdam trips, all the expensive shopping, all the confidence boosting sessions, all the ‘how-to-hook-a-guy’ lectures, all the pub hopping and ‘drink all nite’ outings, all the new words in my Malayalam vocabulary, all the ‘places’ I wanted to visit for my desire to be a ‘learned’ person (tho I am still no good)…and thank you for being a BROTHER and not just another BROTHER-IN-LAW….

(* no offence against the Kottayam dudes and dudettes, just another one of Dad’s pet peeves)
(** a Malayalee Christian style of greeting elders which is now not ‘cool’ enough for most of us to follow)
(*** half of the ‘thank you’ applies to your better half too)


Unknown said...

Minu... Thankyou! Luv!!!

mathew said...

happy birthday to Josu!!:-)

and any kottayam achayan knows how important is "stuthi kodukals" to win hearts..hehehe

and now i figure out why Eljo was trying out cake making experiments...
howzaat..will i make a good lawyer!!;-P

eljo said...

mmmm, soapadichifying your bro...
must say he's mighty pleased :-)
I'll have to rack my brains to top that now ....

Mark IV said...

aah... and what better post than to give u my find here:

no kottayam-non mallu- non rc guys for u... maybe... but atleast u have an internet choice now!!! :D


Macadamia The Nut said...

Awww, you're sweet!

stuti said...

Wish ur bro-in-law a very happy bday frm my side too !!! :)

hey di !!! wats this "stuti kodukal" ???? :P

d_grail said...

write something..getting bored at work :(

anN-series said...

please show ur lowe by funding a tattoo :~)

"and now i figure out why Eljo was trying out cake making experiments... howzaat..will i make a good lawyer!!"

u made the first mistake a lawyer shouldnt be making- drawing conclusions without know all the surrounding facts and circumstances. As u know her gift was NOT TO BAKE and yeah the stuti kodukal is a sure hit with all u also do so to charm ammachis???

u have topped it... :~)

i want sam anderson!!!

sometimes i can cause diabetes too..ok sad PJ..pliss to excuse

kiddo, i know u r name is stuti too:~) ..its basically a way of saying 'namaste' to elder..our version of seeking falling at the feet tho..

have written please send me some HUL goodies in return..

Crime Master said...


Happy Budday to your bro in law too!

And in return you want him to fund a tattoo! Now, that's so great! These are the exact things for which our brothers in law are for! :D :D :D

Margaret (Ritty) said...
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