Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doing fraandsheep on Orkut

“You don’t know Orkut, the whole world is on orkut.”
That line and a dirty stare-like smiley from a friend three years ago was how I was initiated into orkut. Four years back started what I would call a revolution (atleast in India and Brazil)- social networking sites. In the beginning this concept caught my fancy. I met friends with whom I had lost touch for over 5-10 years. Checked out the profiles of the erstwhile high school babes and bitches and got jealous (I am human!). Found all my past crushes, checked out how they looked after all these years and their present relationship status too ;~P. I hate to admit it, but yes orkut is a part of my e-life. Wat makes orkut interesting?

Names- (& u thot I will start with fraandsheep :~P) I thought our parents named us Ram, Shyam, Sita, Gita, Libby, Tibby. But who names their kids ‘trust no one’, ‘love is blind’, ‘don’t believe wat u c’, ‘love knows no boundaries’, 'smell of love ummm...'. What compounds the problem is the display pic- the place is infested with Deepika Padukones, Shahrukh Khans, Che Guevaras, Emma Watsons, Brad Pitts. Do they realise how difficult it is for their scrap recipients to identify them wen they get a scrap from ‘MorOniC WoMaN’ and the profile picture shows Rakhi Sawant or ‘Blessed Gurl’ with Pam Anderson. And we also have stars, hyphens, asterisk marks decorating your name..

Albums- So all of us know that photos in orkut till sometime back were not safe as one could save a pic at the right click of the mouse. But there were (are) still some people who want to put their pic, but still fear and we end up seeing their backs, hand, torn jeans end, eye, a newly-shaped eyebrow, nostril and puppy’s tail, rahul dravid, some hills and valleys..

Foto captions- Some ppl come up with brilliant captions for their pics. Captions like ‘I am hot, am I not?’, ‘isnt she smart?’ [y do u want our opinions too], , a pic with a girl in front of the computer ‘This is what I do when I am boring’.

“Mah-moi” language- Our wannabe-ism has been taken to new heights with this language. So sometimes the new ‘about me’ columns have ‘This is mah life, I live with moi parents’ or photo caption ‘moi sister and ma’. (my heartfelt sympathies for the French.)

This one worries me-
Kiddie champs- Sadly orkut is getting very popular among kids-The Orkuttans and Orkutties and their folks don’t understand the dangers I presume- so we have a random Tia Mol who writes ‘I am not 18 I am jus 9, here to have fun. Relationship status- open marriage, orientation-bicurious’. But that apart there are these dashing heroes, all of 10, putting up their macho pics- a) Where they are wearing ‘full pants’ standing with their chettans and wearing plastic ‘cooling glass’, b) with folks wearing a wet t-shrit in Veegaland and other such concerns . Their ‘ideal match’ is Emma Watson’ or ‘Miley Cyrus’. And they converse in the ‘mah-moi language’ more than teens.

Fraandsheep request- It is through orkut, I learnt that ppl are seeking ‘frandsheep’ and not friendship and that they don’t want to ‘befriend’ you, but rather ‘do frandships’ or ‘make frandsheep to’ you. Take for example

“H@!!!!!!..I'm Gikku,Nw Frm Mavelikara..I would like to Make a Good Friendship with u..(I kno these r usual words of Every Guy to Start a chat with a Gal.) Bt I'm not. I realy like Good Friendships.If U havnt any Objection...... I expecting Ur Rely.. For More abt me go through My Profile.. Take Care.”
“i am a cool dude with good sense of humar as my Existing friends say,i found your name and profile, it's very intresting , if u want to maintain a good friendship
u r most welcome u can reach me @ 98XXXXXXXX”

Followed by the regulars- u r my ‘hart’, ‘sole’, ‘liver’ etc, ‘there is somethOng in you that I like a lot’ (talk abt I and O being next to each other on the keyboard)

I tried to wean myself away from Orkut, but with fraand-requests like this who can live without Orkut :~P


Rainman said...

Looks like you get your daily fix from Orkut! In the social networking scene, a wise man told me that Orkut's out and Facebook's in! ;-)

maneesh said...

damn minukutty.. thou art funnier than farsan!

somethong honestly had me laughing coz it was so unexpected...

mathew said...

hey..but i love orkut albums..they remind that we are sane..some are real ROTFL stuff...

the most common trick is..about me profile description.."No body loves..the world hates me..I am alone and lonely.."

damn idiots should to believe such filmy sympathy tactics will work out..;-P

but a serious note orkut is really dangerous for kids..easy trap..

Mark IV said...

u know ur runnin out of ideas for posts when u choose to write on tricks n trends in orkut! :)

changed names and pics have a work around.. run through the testimonials and there u go with a name... only us geniuses swap these as well... :D

Mishmash ! said...

that ma-moi kids made me feel that I am one aged species from some other world! had trouble earlier reading my niece's scrap!!

kids should be banned there but what is shocking is when some parents give them green signal!!

eljo said...

ma sistah... u too... makes ma feel too old when ma sees moi cousins in the orkut bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

That was a great pin-pointer to the most widely used Social n/w sit owned by the most fastest growing s/w firm.

Anonymous said...

That was a great pin-pointer to the most widely used Social n/w sit owned by the most fastest growing s/w firm.
But what I think is the "orkut" is great,but is is d "orkutians" that make it pathetic ...
gr8 blog as usual...fun2read

d_grail said...

am trying to put u on "mah"(hip hop step) blogroll bt seems i av 4gttn "moi" pwd... :(

Aiswarya said...

Babe, Ann, how true. Lordy me, I am so used to such expressions from orkut that I am completely immune from them. Now that i have read your post, Damnnnnnn ur bloody right!! By the way, something called facebook is out and about!
As usual , great post! 100% entertainer!

Mariner said...

wow this was one different post... was going through your last few posts... man they were awesome! loved reading through your travails...
About Orkut... well I just use it now to keep in touch with my pals from school days. But yes, I do agree there are the wierd kind who stalk around looking to "fraandsheep" people when they can.

Macadamia The Nut said...

LOL! Ann.. not another similarity! Give me a break will ya.. I'm just a paavam orkuteer. ;) I joined 3 years ago, deleted my profile last august and rejoined B'cos the lure was just TOO much! Sigh

Antigone said...

suffered an overdose of Orkut and deleted my profile...but ur account[i mean account on orkut and not orkut account] cracked me up.:)

flaashgordon said...

Hehe too good !! Tho i luv the catchin up with old friends part in orkut, it scares me that quite many of my little cousins are already in orkut.its just too open and all info is right there in the open for anyone's taking. Else , its fun goin thru the wierd profiles and even funnier photo captions ..hehe good timepass. Hope orkut provides the extra field for a status messge soon so that ppl dont have to change their names itself to " love is blind, love knows no boundaries etc etc

anN-series said...

oh yes i do. facebook is too complex for these aashiqs

someTHONG toh mere saath bhi hota hai maneesh

i think i will try the 'lonely' idea, who knows i might jus be lucky to get a rich old man with one foot in the grave. about kids- i feel so old seeing their profiles.

ya i did run out of ideas. and i am not patient enof to check people's testimonials.

@ mishmash
parent of a 11 yr old asked me 'arent u on okt-my daughter is on it. i thought u guys were modern'

sister dearest moi aussi...

@ vishal
thanx vishal..tht place has become rotten since the past 2 yrs

sorry sistah..will do so soon

thanx. its personal preference- i think mah moi without even knowing wat it means is outrageous.

anN-series said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anN-series said...

@ nihal
looooonnng time sailor :~) thanx. but those frandsheep messages can be ROTFL sutff most of the time.

so u came back like the 'prodigal son' :~P i think i will send u some fraand requests..i am sure u will never leave the place again.. :~P

thanx. orkt in moderation can do wonders if u wanna have a laugh

i like the extra field idea to update moods...but then facebook wud say that okt is copying them!

stuti said...

" i expecting your rely " :D

hahaha !!! never imagined i would read a write up on orkut :D.... you said it all.... hehe good work :)

Sachin Garg said...

highly un-cliche on a very cliched topic.
refreshing indeed!
you mouthed every word of orkut analysis thats been through my mind, just that i am on the delivering end of those frEIndship requests.
having a great urge to get my own Orkut profile analyzed.

NaMs..! said...

Ah!..kewl description..abt deez funnie aashiqs..aawarez...lOL...itz reali pathetic wen v get fraandship requests[ hope sahi se spell kia ho]...4m GAWAARZ..n dat reali annoys me!!..GOSH!..facebuk is loosing its Tang!...Gud jOb GURL!..

Unknown said...

I am currently using orkut and facebook i always choose orkut as my regular usage..
Because orkut was really nice social site and this article giving me info about orkut so i really like it..


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